The xx Move Into Bolder Territory With I See You

The band’s first album in five years is a step forward from its influential sound
Source: MTV News



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  10. Sounds like God has put the burden on you to pray about these things.Maybe God is opening up a ministry for you to go and comfort these kids yourself ,and yes He can fix these things but some times He wants someone to ask Him.I would repent, fast and pray about His will .Maybe He is waiting on you so He can work through you to reach these people.

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  16. Dear Marie,Yes, sadly there are evil-doers out there.Dear Lightfeather,You raise important thoughts here too.Dear Andrew,The future DOES loom.Dear Belize,I think who I am is a result of all the good bad and traumatic. I worry about stuff like this.Dear KAth,I feel that way too. Dear Michelle,I think there will be always be “a teetering” that goes on with technology and humanity.Dear Derrick,I could see how the movie stimulated discussions about depression, trauma, etc. ~Deb

  17. (((HUG)))I really had no idea the full extent of what this last year has been for you and your family. My heart aches and prayers go out for you. It sounds like you are doing about as well as anyone in your situation could. Glad you felt like opening up here about it and I hope it helps to share.

  18. Hi Terri,I have been married 16 years and there have been many times when I wanted to run off too. Its not that I don’t love my husband and kids. Sometimes it can hurt so bad.I thank you for having the guts to share this. Good to know I am not alone. I wish Ming the best and I know you with your wisdom (I love your parenting posts) will survive this.Anne

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  20. What a lovely open space! I love that the frosted glass allows you to see through to the pretty dishes but disguises them enough to not look cluttered.-Forever

  21. I have been waiting for this to happen. They seem to have tried to re-design etc in the past two years.I too have been eyeing those velvet/damask chairs. Two in my dining room would be lovely! I also really love those kitchen chairs. Hopefully I will be able to score these things before they go out of business.I'll miss Pier 1.

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  24. Well, I welcome them, and hope something interesting goes into the retail spaces (weren’t they talking about Chase, though? Ugh.) The used car dealer there (“Trader Joe’s”) wasn’t a great contributor to the neighborhood. I think having people there will be nice. If the city had required that it all be low-income housing, great, but it did not. There is quite a large low-income development about half-a-block away.

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  26. We had Wisconsin history as part of our regular history class, but I got the impression from my Texan friends that it was a much bigger deal in Texas. ICBW, YMMV, etc.

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  29. I want to think about Schmidt some more, but after looking over the numbers I’d take a flyer on Clark. I’m not sure he’d pan out in the majors… his strike rate is a touch higher than I like to see even for a AAA slugger… but I’d give him a shot.

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  32. Hi from Canada! Sorry to read your gelding broke down. I wonder if it might have been an old injury? Glad that your road doesn’t end there though, new horse to push forward with sounds lucky. How are their hooves doing? Did you shoe them? I know, if a stranger arrived at my farm with two horses looking for a pasture, we would certainly find it very interesting and probably open the place up too, exactly what you have encountered. Best, Kate

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  36. My mother and father were both Marines. My grandfather was a marine. My great grandfather was in the Army. My other grandfather and grandmother were in the Air Force. There is a lot of military in my family, but the Marines are by far the best men in uniform in the world. They will succeed, they will stop at no ends to meet their goal and defend our freedom.I wish to be a Marine…..couple years to go. But for all of you, family of Marines, friends of Marines, people who KNOW Marines, know that they are great people, and deserve our resepct.Semper Fidelis, Ooorah, Do or Die.

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  41. This receipe is amazing! SO delicious and the walnuts really do taste like taco meat. I don't even have a full size food processor (I have one of those tiny 3 cup ones) it turned out really well. The "meat" wasn't ground up very well due to my crappy, tiny processor, so I bet it's even BETTER if you have the real equipment. I would definitely make this again. Thank you Sarah!

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  44. Hi Tara, If everything else worked out perfectly then do everything else the same as last time but beat the egg whites for a little less time. Try 4-5 minutes, depends on you mixer power.

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  50. I'm not suggesting that Obamacare is the solution, or that a government-run health care system is the solution. But the bottom line is that if someone chooses to not carry health insurance (or can't afford it), and ends up in a hospital, the cost of that care will have to be picked up somewhere (unless you are suggesting that hospitals refuse care to those who can't prove they have resources in advance). And if the hospitals can't recover those costs from the patient, they will figure out a way to spread those costs to people who can pay.

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  52. – You ignoring my comments? Sessions is playing through two injuries right now, a sprained left shoulder and a dislocated finger on his shooting hand. Before he reinjured his finger and injured his shoulder, he was a top five point guard in the league in PER (counting only his games with the Lakers). He is not driving nearly as much, and isn’t running the P&R nearly as much as he was before he hurt himself.

  53. JamesFeel free to disagree with me, especially on security. I am not a security expert, so some would say I have no business talking about it. The reason I leave comments open, is so I can hear various opinions. You never know who you are going to learn from on any given day.

  54. You mentioned you do not know the family personally, so I would suggest that judgement be reserved.The recruit’s family may have opted for a low key funeral for personal reasons, and there is no evidence that MINDEF did not pay for his funeral.On the other hand, the pilot trainee’s family may be “forced” to have a military funeral so that their son can received his “wings”.Every family has their own story to tell, and without knowing the full details, we should not pass judgement on anyone. Our “Gahmen” included.

  55. Thank you for comment Pamela. I think it’s really hard sometimes to share the hardest parts of ourselves, but it’s also so much more important when we have people that look up to us, so I appreciate you saying that.Hope you have an amazing weekend.

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  57. DirectrM That was AWESOME. The camera work coulda been a little better, but face — the gal working the camera had to spew. Who can blame her. Did it stink? Might have been a spider bite but could also be MRSA or a boil. There was tons left in there when the vid ended. Please show more. Yes, go to the doctor but for crying out loud — get the procedure on tape. This one ROCKS!!!!!!!! Thank you to whoever posted it. This is what I live for!

  58. Leaving aside the inter-Iberian peninsula fratricide displayed above, I would suggest that the answer to building an immigration-skeptical party in Spain is to work within the Partido Popular and influence its leadership to take a stance against further immigration from outside of the EU. They are much more likely to take this position than the PSOE. Trying to build up a large third party in a political situation such as Spain’s is almost as stupid as supporting the BNP instead of working with the Tories in Great Britain.

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  61. Jag föredrar inte heller det ena över det andra. Jag skulle aldrig hoppa över en bok pga av att den är skriven i första, andra eller tredje person. Det spelar ingen roll för mig!Intressant tanke med att erfarenhet, vana och kunskap minskar wow-upplevelserna!

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  65. Sandra KellstromMarch 23, 2012 at 1:51 pmThis was the place for the teen birthdays. Mom would take me there and I could have my fill of the incredible fritters and cole slaw I loved so much. I recently took a stroll (over 30 years since my last visit) and was hit by a barrage of memories. What a beautiful and wonderful place it was and I could never understand why it ended. I am happy to see that the music company that now occupies the building has left a lot of the architecture as it was. I recognized the red chandelier immediately. I had my last visit in that room.

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  67. You know me, I’m improv almost all the way. Sometimes I draft my own pattern. And I’ve never made a quilt with jsut a single line of fabric, although a line or two has inspired a quilt.I still can’t believe your production over the last year, Congratulations!(PS I like some of the new pics in your header and footer.)

  68. I forgot to mention the grandaddy of all anti-Federalist-sympathetic, Federalist-skeptical historians, namely Charles Beard. His specific arguments have generally been refuted by the painstaking work of Forrest McDonald, but he remains a provocative read and would appeal to Steve’s increasingly cynical worldview.

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  70. Beans were my girls fave for protein. In fact, one daughter wouldn’t touch her first birthday cake and since I REALLY wanted her first “smash the cake”pics, I ended up putting cannellini beans on top of her cake so it at least LOOKED like she was eating the frosting (she was really just picking off the beans!! )

  71. The faucet loots great! I re-did my kitchen, I splurged on counters (soapstone) and replacing a huge window with custom made french doors to a newly built balcony. The appliances were definitely an upgrade from what was here (very old, not working stuff) but they were not high end, just much better. I saved on flooring (tile from online discount site), cabinets (IKEA). And labour, doing as much as I can do (like building the cabinets). I found a great contractor that could help me install, plus plumb and electrical. So that helped a lot too.

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  143. Wonderfully stated, love! I’ve been slacking on my peace and “be”ing lately… somewhere I lost my focus and started surviving rather than being present in the moments of my life… I needed this reminder. right on time, as always 🙂 -Teddi B

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  146. Hey friend… good luck through all of this. My thoughts and prayers are with you. My sister went through several rounds of IVF, finally had a baby a year ago, and will be doing IVF again early next year (I think). She has a blog if you want to talk to her about it. Also, I myself have intimate experience with the IVF process because of my sister. Let me know if you need support!!