Seein’ Red – Dustin Lynch

Dustin Lynch - Seein' Red  artwork

Seein’ Red

Seein’ Red – Single

Dustin Lynch

Genre: Country

Price: $1.29

Release Date: June 23, 2016

© ℗ 2016 Broken Bow Records

Source: Top Songs



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  144. omg… really guys?? lets stop the no kid should ever be on counter nonsence and realize that most parents have done this for one reason or another. almost every child has an accident that could have been prevented at one time or another. glad their little man is ok, and unfortunatly there will probably be more accidents to come in his life… it happens!!!

  145. Absolutely beautiful…I bought this song because I love Taylor Swift and it was so touching that I just had to know who the song was about. When I read your story, I literally got goosebumps and could not help but cry…big tears, real tears. Love to you and your family and to Ronan, your gorgeous little man who will always know your love!

  146. Cher Monsieur,Dans votre article du 6 Fevrier, vous traitez de « resistants de pacotille » les gens de la « Moumanaa, » un neologisme introduit ces derniers temps par Hezbollah, et qui pue tant l’hypocrysie qu’on se fait grande joie de le leur relancer a la figure.Or il se trouve que ce mot conserve sa pleine saveur lorsque traduit -litteralement- comme « Recalcitrance. »Cordialement,Omar Masarani

  147. Drats, I’ll learn to stop talking one day. But whilst we’re talking about hedges … hedges only work if you’re buying and selling with the same risk profile. ISAT was bigger, with better funding, so IRDM was inherently riskier. So Cramer wasn’t comparing apples to apples, despite the companies being in the same sector.

  148. Beautiful! Does your mom know? I sure hope you sent her the translation or that she was able to read it and understand it as it is. And also, one of those best friends you hinted at better be me, or else no cookies for you!!! P.S. I miss you, you never call anymore!