Hear Slowdive's Celestial First Song in 22 Years 'Star Roving'

British shoegazers Slowdive unleashed a dense and sprawling new song, "Star Roving," their first in 22 years.

The expansive dream-pop cut boasts layers of guitars drenched in reverb and chorus while a splashy and swift drum beat surges beneath. Neil Halstead and Rachel Goswell's dual vocals, meanwhile, simmer in between.

"Star Roving" marks

This article originally appeared on www.rollingstone.com: Hear Slowdive’s Celestial First Song in 22 Years ‘Star Roving’

Source: Rolling Stone Music News



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  127. Cathy, Thanks for the thoughtful feedback (as usual!). I agree–I’m glad to see a school thinking outside the factory mentality. Preparing for the future, yes, I know what you mean, collecting skills instead of developing learning to create their lives (the two go together somehow, I think). My favorite aspect of this story is how it looks like the kids are enjoying themselves and get to hang out with people of similar interests and abilities. Ex: artists hang with artists to learn from and understand each other.

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