Flashback: U2 Play 'Exit' on the 1989 Lovetown Tour

U2's upcoming Joshua Tree 2017 tour has the group's hardcore fans quite amped up. It's the first time in the band's history they've performed a classic album, meaning that super rare songs like "Trip Through

This article originally appeared on www.rollingstone.com: Flashback: U2 Play ‘Exit’ on the 1989 Lovetown Tour

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  73. this a million times, I know, and I’m sounding repetitive here, but my thoughts are fully with you and everyone in QLD. I think we feel a bit helpless in the rest of Australia, watching you all go through this and wishing there was something more we could do besides donating money. I’m glad to hear you’re doing ok, and I’ll keep all my fingers and toes firmly crossed for everyone.

  74. I love your cake stand. Just keep trying. Oh and you should learn to like August, it is just as much a part of summer of the rest of the months – here in Canada that is. I feel for you about the whole going back to school thing in September. I missed your blog posts while you were gone. Glad to see that your back, but I’m sure the break was really nice too. I don’t know how you do it 5 days a week. Anyways, this comment is rambling so adieu for now.

  75. Thanks Jamie… believe it or not, I’ve kinda written part 2 in my head. People will be freaking out. Not sure I’ll have the guts to try it, have to see.Za zdaj, the publishing maze is really hard. I’ve finished the manuscript but don’t know where to go next. It’s frustrating. Hvala za branje! : )

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  153. J’en suis pas encore là côté INTOX mais mordue d’art et éveillée aux nouvelles initiatives donc j’attends la suite avec impatience en espérant trouver ici de l’audace, de la création, du « tout azimut ». Alors allez-y, après un tel message d’ouverture de blog : surprenez-nous puissamment ! O2

  154. Mike…I enjoyed reading your last couple of blog posts! The bit about sex being the best relief for stress before speaking in public and it having to be “penetrative only” made me laugh as did the post about “cooking dogs…” definately use those somewhere.Whats the piece you think I might use for my 4 minute reading( which sounds omniously like a 4 minute warning doesnt it!)…regardsBG

  155. I don’t make them from Cuben Fiber -I make them from an old sail that needed replacing. I don’t know the fabric off hand, but it’s some kind of nylon. I don’t have a website.. just a few wallets that I sell here and there. Once I use up the material.. that’s it (limited production if you will), no more until another sail becomes weathered.

  156. O/T A reminder about the immigration restriction petition in the UK. Please vote! .Its a very mild proposition, so mild that in theory no one could disagree with it. It only needs 100,000 signatures to be debated in parliament and has gone well past that now but the more signatures, the louder the message.

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