Beyoncé And Solange Swap Childhood Stories In Rare New Interview

Beyoncé and Solange grace us with their wisdom for an ‘Interview’ magazine cover story
Source: MTV News



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  1. Hola Mariale,me quedé pensando…Habrás leído un poquito sobre mi hermana y yo, mellizas y muy unidas…Sabés? Me cuesta imaginar otras relaciones…qué cosa!!!!Bueno, aprovechaño a tu hermano! Querelo!!! Mimalo, ju.bgene..haulen…Es una dicha tenerlo.Besitos y del cumple!Muá!

  2. Ciao Serena! Ben tornata Avevo letto da qualche parte di nuove ipotesi sui gradi di separazione.. e avevo sentito che si parla di meno di 6, ma non mi sono mai documentato troppo.Prendo quindi al volo il tuo suggerimento biliografico e lo metto in lista su Amazon, ci sara` occasione di riparlarne!Grazie di essere ripassata da queste parti!

  3. I decided to read some of your old posts, and called up the classification on development of the personal or creative kind. When I came to the one about guilt for surviving when your sister didn’t I had some things to say from my own experience. None of my siblings died, but there are things in my life I have felt guilty about for a long time, and recently came to realizations that have helped. I don’t know whether to say it here, or post it as a comment on that old one, or what.Terron

  4. Er dette virkelig alvor tro? Jaja, den som lever får se! Kan jo skjønne argumentene, men syns likevel det er litt rart at du sier dette, for du har vært så veldig "med på" dette! Håper det er en aprilspøk! (tenkte ikke på det før jeg leste kommentarene)Vakkert bilde er det uansett, det du viser i dag! -Margit-

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  8. Excellent point! I am a feminist and very involved with gender studies (also started college during the "politically correct" era — like it or deplore it, PC worked to change the "traditional" language landscape). I have used gay and lesbian as if this were correct but wondered why the separation. I LOVE your explanation and going forward "gay" it is. thanks!

  9. .. φυσικα ο ΓΑΠ δεν ηταν μονος..λαθος απο πλευρας ΝΔ το ότι δεν μπηκε βετο στη συμμετοχη Παπακωνσταντινου στην κυβνση Παπαδημου που στηριζει.Η θεση του ΑΣ ειναι δυσκολη αλλα ας στειλει τουλαχιστον τα σωστα (εστω και κωδικοποιημενα) μυνηματα.

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  12. Republicans Budget was definitely an April fools joke! They are sick and despite their destruction still convinced their way is the best way. It is, for their America but not our. Everyone who is responsible for this mess executive or Politician will get away scott free. Average Americans do not matter If people have not figured it out yet, This is all still just barely beginning!

  13. you make this place interesting with ur participation , coz of u i feel we should ‘talk’ to each other as well (since we r here n reading each other’s comments !) n not just to Lisa @sheetal sheth … if u r real , y didn’t u make a move before it was too late … ???

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  16. Hmmmm, ich bin ja eigentlich gar nicht so ein Wichtelfreund, aber Nantik hat da auf ihrem Alltagsirrsinn eine Seite in mir zum Klingen gebracht. Es ging mir wie ihr, als ich all die schönen Päckchen sah, die es beim Osterwichteln gab und ich keins hatte. Soll ich vielleicht doch? Aaaaach, versuch ich’s halt mal!

  17. To be fair, what is the Congressional Black Caucus supposed to do? The Democratic Party elite tells them “Sit down and shut up!” in response to blatant racism against African Americans! And look what happened to Cynthia McKinney.I don’t know that its fair to criticize the Black Caucus for not speaking up. Look at Detroit, look at New Orleans; those used to be centers of power for the black middle class. And now what?You are underestimating the scope of racism that the power bloc to which Zionism belongs and, in large part, represents is capable of.

  18. uau que legal esta seu blog… visual muito bom ainda aprendo a trabalhar assim… valeu mesmo…agora sobre a Disney comprando a Marvel para eu e preocupante a Disney e muito tradicional… espero que isto não aconteça e a qualidade continue e ate melhore…ate mais…fuiiiiii

  19. MadMen ran in the US in Summer 07. It took a while to grow on me– once you get past the period gimmicks there’s some Dynasty-style plot lines that took a while to develop in a less ham-fisted manner. But stick with it because they eventually do.Cleaver’s point to the beauty of the film is well taken – if you can watch it in HD, it’s well worth the effort- the lighting, propping, angles, etc. is just beautiful. And the authentic period details have been the subject of much buzz in the design industry – they’ve really done an incredible job on that front.

  20. Je pense que c’est une sorte de clin d’oeil mais sinon, ca en aura peut-être dans le 3 (que Dieu ait pitié de nous ^^).Sinon, mes deux scènes préférées sont dans la cuisine et dans les escaliers (vol plané express ^^).

  21. My Most sincere SYMPATHY goes out to you LIL and Families. Frank was the apple of my parents (Windy & Zella) eye. As not having any boys in their family. My parents were always proud of your accomplishments and being the sheriff of ADAMS County. May God Bless each of you.

  22. Thaiz comentou em 7 de maio de 2012 às 14:04. Julita….continua linda, leve e solta! Rss…mas tá na hora de você cortar esse cabelón né?! Tá comprido de maaaaiissss! 🙂

  23. Explosif, c’est tout à fait ça ! je suis ravie de lire ta chronique qui exprime pleinement l’effet produit par Noces d’airain. C’est chouette, les échanges Et si un de tes lecteurs souhaite lire ce roman à son tour, qu’il se dénonce !A bientôt

  24. Bonjour à tous!Merci mille fois à Julie notre Sherlock homes inoubliable!! C’était top, les 12 garçons de 10 ans se sont régalés sur les enquêtes policières, c’était il y’a déjà 3 semaines et Corentin m’en parle encore… Rien à redire, c’était parfait, elle a assuré cette jolie Julie !!!!Cordialement (gros bisous à Julie de la part de Corentin et son petit frère Yoann)Véro (une maman ravie)

  25. This helmet stuff is amusing. I saw him wear it in both halves. I don’t remember when he wore it — whether only on offense, or all the time, I dunno, I didn’t pay attention to that at the time. Fox just showed it when they showed it, and that’s it. But, I’ll go with the just on offense, it makes sense, I suppose re: hearing plays. There wasn’t a separate “helmetcam”, so I don’t know how often he wore it and took it off. He did look very ready, though, CSNBA website had a shot of him with helmet on AND holding a football…

  26. One thing I do know is that there will not be too many characters. I hate reading books where i have to keep flipping back to see who is who. So I will keep it simple and probably linear so i can remember what is going on.. c

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  30. Thanks for your encouraging words and for not giving up on me!!!! I think I’ve figured it out, now I need to take time to post again!!!Did you have a nice Christmas??? Your hutch looks so pretty…reminds me of Lynda’s too!!!Have a wonderful New Year!!

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  33. What do YOU people think the silence is all about? Some of the silence and lack of protest today comes from the fact that there is no military draft. Initiate the draft and watch monkeyboy and triggerman run for cover. More silence stems from the fact that half of the American voters were fooled by fascist neocon’s and can’t admit it. It’s not in their cold chilly blood to admit guilt. What do YOU people think the silence is all about? While your thinking about it … go buy the new RACONTEURS “Broken Boy Soldiers” on V2 records.

  34. Posted on Good article but to assume Stan Lee’s word is anything but hype is a mistake. It was and still is Marvel company policy to state that Stan Lee "created" characters he generally never drew nor wrote stories of before artists brought pages into the office telling their first stories to avoid lawsuits with artists, primarily S …Lauran Mildrum liked The Norse Mythology Blog: BLOND THOR: STAN LEE WASN’T WRONG | Articles & Interviews on Norse Myth on 22 June 2012 (4 months ago).

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  43. Great article, thanks! My husband and I run a small farm, part-time and though we do have I-pods and watch the Daily Show via internet…we don’t have a TV, watch sports or own I-phones (and don’t intend to get one, either.) We were also, not so shocked at the results of this study and still believe that organic is healthier simply because fewer dangerous chemicals are being unleashed into the environment and the food system.I always enjoy your writing…keep it up!

  44. Let people not argue over which religion is superior – that is a matter best left to God. Let each one try to follow their own religion to the best of their ability without hurting others and without imposing their will on others. We are all in this world to help each other, not sit in judgment on each other.

  45. 15 400 kronor?! Du är en STOR inspirationskälla, men det är väldigt trÃ¥kigt att bara läsa om de dyraste kläderna du kan hitta.VERKLIGEN kul om ni kan köpa en sÃ¥dan jacka utan att blinka, tro mig – jag unnar alla som kan sÃ¥dana dyrgripar! Men att göra det som vilket plagg som helst känns lite konstigt…?

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  48. “SEXY SUPER MARIO…” More than a costume, a way of life!Sorry. Silly is as silly does. Some of the best costumes that I have ever seen were home-made, cleverly designed and tastefully done. Before “Six Flags” flew over New England, Riverside Park would grant free admission to the park on Halloween with a costume. My kids and I still remember some of the best costumes that we have ever seen. Few were sexy, most were outstanding!

  49. I'm with Og on this one.I see no need to "compromise" even one little bit with those who seek to take freedom away. Is it a wise compromise to trade a FOID for deregulation of suppressors? Well, would women have been happy with a compromise of only being allowed to vote in local elections? Is it a good idea to compromise that we are free from unreasonable search and seizure unless the crime in question is a class A or B felony? Or how about free speech so long as you have a permit for that communications device? Yeah, I'm not all that interested in compromising fundamental rights down the drain.

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  65. I’m linking up today because I have been so inspired by the 1440 concept. Because of that concept I decided on my way home the other day to spin into Lowes and have a ‘photo shoot’ in their garden center. Just on a whim. Just to put some creativity into some of those 1440 moments. I shot 88 wonderful photos that have ignited some very spontaneous creations…like the one in my post. It just ‘happened’. Thanks for the inspiration.

  66. Wow, me gusto mucho lo que escribiste, hace poco me di cuenta de eso de hecho y deje de hecharle la culpa a los demas. Tome conciencia de que soy yo la responsable de hacer o no. Mejor me enfoco en lo que quiero para mi y tomo acciones para lograrlo.Saludos y felicidades, me gusta mucho los temas en tu blog.

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